title>Lady Liberty Defended: Obama and McCain Competing for Veterans and on Gun Control
Lady Liberty Defended
Friday, September 12, 2008
  Obama and McCain Competing for Veterans and on Gun Control
I understand the two camps are competing for the votes of veterans and on the subject of gun control.  That is interesting.

First, Barack Hussein Obama has been absolutely for disarming Americans.  He ran on that in 2004 and until the Heller decision his stand was that the 2nd Amendment was not a guarantee of an individual right to keep and bear arms.  Any gun owner who believes differently is a fool.   If you believe that Rowe vs. Wade can be overturned by the actions of a President you have to believe that Heller can face the same fate.  I don't believe that McCain will hurt us in that regard but that Obama would destroy us if he can, any way he can.

On the other point, claiming to work for veterans well that is iffy for either one.  Obama was persuaded to vote for the latest version of the GI Bill as #1 a bribe to veterans and #2 a continuation of his welfare state.  McCain has thought that it was so generous that veterans would leave in droves in time of war.  I'm a veteran, I didn't leave service but stayed as a career.  As a result I lost my Vietnam Era GI Bill benefits because they expired!  So, even though I gave 27½ years service I got very few education benefits compared to many others.  So, to say that McCain is different from Obama (and his running mate) on this subject galls me because Joe Biden did nothing for veterans. 

On the other hand, and I've said this before, I don't think that merely being a flyboy, officer, POW entitles anyone to the veteran vote.  John McCain has often struck me as among the worst example of the pompus, know-it-all, officer elitist snobs out there.  Still, he doesn't beat John Kerry in this regard (Senator Kerry who uses his Vietnam service to both claim special priviledge and to deride the military) and he is right on the war against the islamofacists.  That's really important.  I can take a little officer snobbishness if that is what it takes to destroy people who would destroy my family. 


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