title>Lady Liberty Defended: Governor Sarah Palin
Lady Liberty Defended
Wednesday, September 03, 2008
  Governor Sarah Palin
Dem/S are running scared, so scared they've gone over the top in attacking Governor Palin via blogs, national publications and major networks.  The attacks are sexist in the extreme.  She is attacked for being a mom and not staying at home (HELLO, Gloria Steinem, where are you?), she is attacked because her daughter made a bad choice and became pregnant, indeed she's been attacked on a number of things all of which contradict the Dem/S stated beliefs/policy stands in favor of feminism.  Hypocrites is what they are.  We knew it and now the moderates will have this hypocrisy shoved in their faces.

What the Dem/S are saying is "Unless you, as a woman, are in lockstep with socialism you should stay at home, raise your 2 children (no more!), as a poor, single mother and make no attempt to improve your community."  In fact, that Governor Palin has worked for many years and consistently improved her community from the bottom up (which is why she was elected Governor of Alaska) is the real reason they fear her.  They know she has more experience of any kind than the Messiah, Barrack Hussein Obama.  They know she has more executive experience than Obama, Biden or McCain.  She's also from, dare I repeat it, Alaska.

How does her being from Alaska threaten the Dem/S?  Well, she's not of the great urban centers.  She's not one of them, she's one of the rest of the country.  She's a resident of "flyover" country.  She's from small town USA (said to be a bad thing).  She hunts, she didn't use her husband to get to where she is meaning she's independent.  Nobody should be independent.  We see that in how the Dem/S turned on one of the party stalwarts (and their former VP candidate) just because he was independent enough to support the war in Iraq against radical Islamists.


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