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Saturday, September 13, 2008
I'm nearly catatonic as I'm near to having a cataclysmic catastrophe.  You see my mother, of whom I've previously written, has seven (7) cats.  Bert, Leonard, Marco Polo, Fünft, Sheila, McCavity, and Bea are all pretty good as cats go but cats are a hard sell, even if you're giving them away.  3 years ago, when Mom was still "here" she asked me to promise that her cats wouldn't be put down if something happened to her.  Something will be happening to her and these seven  cats show no signs of using up their nine lives. 

Now, I can't take them into MY home.  You see my one daughter is allergic, very allergic, and couldn't visit us at all if we took the cats in.  Frankly, I don't WANT seven cats.  I'd like to give them to loving homes but, so far, no loving homes want them.  Heck, this was THE loving home that was their one shelter.

Bert was a kitten when Mom got him.  He was  a descendant of at least two generations of "barn" cats but had been abandoned by his mother (or she had died somewhere).  The farmer found him and talked Mom into taking him in and Mom talked Dad into letting him in the house.  Bert is about 13.  He's still spry but is the oldest of the seven. 

Leonard was in the Harrisonburg shelter.  He'd apparently been living wild for his first two years but was very much a human loving cat.  So much so the shelter took him to events.  Still he'd been unadopted and then Gussie, Mom's #2 (also rescued but now among the dearly departed) took a "leave of absence" out the back door.  Before she returned Mom had Leonard home to "replace" her.  Of course he stayed after her return.  Leonard is one of the two most "affectionate" cats of the seven.

Marco Polo (Marco for short) showed up one day looking for a handout.  Although he was nominally the neighbor's cat (she had 60-120 at the time) he followed the handouts into the house where he's stayed since.  Marco is the other most "affectionate" cat. 

Fünft came next.  She's so named because at the time she was the fifth cat of the group. Like Gussie who was still living at the time, she was dropped off in the middle of the night by an unthinking coward.  At least she didn't have to put up with the cold rain into which Gussie had been thrown.  Unlike Gussie her right eye had been injured in the "drop" and she soon lost sight in that eye and also is losing sight in her left eye.  That doesn't stop her and she is easily the most inquisitive of the cats and most likely to be able to open doors, to cabinets or closets, and go where she ought not. 

Sheila is Marco's sister.  We didn't know it at the time but when she also came looking for handouts she also followed them right into the house where she now seems perfectly satisfied. 

McCavity is a Maine Coon Cat.  He was also a rescue from the Harrisonburg animal shelter, indirectly.  Mom got him from his rescuer when he didn't fit in in her home.  It takes a bit for him to warm up to you but he's willing to take his turn and now comes to greet me when I arrive for my daily visit.  He's also the most confident or least nervous cat and will often just keep on napping despite my cleaning, stepping over and about him, etc. 

Bea was the last cat to make her home here.  Another of our cat hoarding neighbors mass of cats, she apparently escaped, half-starving when that lady was finally bundled away to safety in a place where she could be watched and her children caught up her cats for...  Anyway Bea (as we call her) came up to Mom's with another similarly colored female, also starving.  Mom managed to catch them on successive days and we don't know whether Bea was first or second caught.  Mom immediately took both to the vet but only Bea survived.  Nearly nothing but skin and bones and wary of everyone and everything she's now pretty fat and healthy.  She'll even roll over on her back for a belly rub!

All, other than Bert, are about 7-9 years old (as best we can tell).  All were spayed/neutered as they were brought into the "family".  To my knowledge, none have chronic or life-threatening diseases.  It isn't quite time for new homes but it won't be long. 

- Cat's Cradle
- Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)


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