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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
  Black Folks Arming
I've been saying this for years. I simply can't understand why folks who've suffered self-described persecution such as Blacks and Jews are so anti-gun. Seems to me that pro-gun, pro-CHP, pro-freedom is the side to be on for these folks. Anyway, it is interesting what you find when you back track on where visitors to your blog find you...

Commentary: If the Cops Won’t Protect Us from Criminals, We Need to Arm Up and Protect Ourselves
Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2006
By: Gregory Kane, BlackAmericaWeb.com
Same folks, same strokes.

Remember the “Good Times” episode when son Michael Evans expressed apprehension about going to an all-white school because some white kid might attack him because he was black?

“How would you handle that at your old school?” dad James Evans Sr. asks him.

“I’d defend myself,” Michael answers.

“Different folks, same strokes,” Dad tells him.

We could apply that James Evans Sr. wisdom from “Good Times,” combine it with the original saying of “different strokes for different folks” from the band Sly and the Family Stone and some down-home black history to come up with a new saying.

Same folks, same strokes.

The folks would be those black criminals like the ones who prompted a testy exchange between a resident of the southeast area of Washington, D.C. and one of that city’s police brass. The forum was held after a recent spate of crimes in the more affluent, white areas of the city.

“Why do murders in those parts of town seem to get solved faster?” a testy resident of Southeast D.C. wanted to know.

“Because when we investigate murders in those communities, we get busloads of people going to the police station to give statements and be witnesses,” the police official answered. “When we go to places like Southeast, nobody sees anything.”

“That’s because witnesses don’t get police protection in our communities when we give statements,” the woman shot back.

The woman was partly right. There have been cases where police utterly failed black folks in poor urban communities who reported crimes in their neighborhoods. The most notorious case is that of the Dawson family in Baltimore four years ago next month. Angela and Carnell Dawson had the nerve to tell drug dealers slinging drugs in front of their home to stop. They called police on the miscreants 36 times, to little avail.

On the night of Oct. 16, 2002, Darrell Brooks kicked in the front door of the Dawson house, doused the only escape route with gasoline and set the home ablaze. The Dawsons and their five children were killed.

Brooks and his drug-dealing buddies considered the Dawsons “snitches.” And that’s the little part the woman from Southeast D.C. ignored.

Black folks are partly, if not primarily, responsible for making the Stop Snitching T-shirts and caps sell so well. Hip-hop periodicals like The Source and XXL have elevated the phrase “Stop Snitching” to the status that slogans like “Freedom Now,” “Black Power” and “Power to the People” held for previous generations of black youth.

That makes it kind of hard for law-abiding black folks -- that would be the majority of us, no matter what editors and writers of The Source and XXL would have you believe -- who want to report murders and drug deals in their neighborhoods. Cops won’t help. Some black folks feel “Stop Snitching” is some sort of divine edict. Criminals want to kill black folks who fight crime. What are such black folks to do?

Apply the variation of the James Evans rule. Invoke the “same strokes, same folks” clause, and go Robert F. Williams on these fools.

Here’s where the black history comes in. It’s a good bet your kids didn’t learn about Williams and his role in the civil rights movement in school, probably because teachers were too busy cramming Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech down their throats.

Williams rejected King’s philosophy of nonviolence. When Ku Klux Klan caravans rode through the black community of Monroe, North Carolina in 1957 and tried to shoot it up, Williams and his organized ban of black followers -- all members of the National Rifle Association -- shot back. The Klan didn’t come back.

Williams and those other “Negroes With Guns” shot it out with the Klan because police failed to protect them. If black folks like Williams and, later, the Deacons for Defense and Justice in Louisiana and Mississippi used the principle of blacks organizing themselves against white aggressors in the 1950s and 1960s, what’s wrong with black folks using the same principle now against black aggressors?

Same folks, same strokes.

That woman from Southeast D.C. and other law-abiding black folks should channel into that history of Williams and the Deacons. They should join the NRA, buy some weapons and then announce to city officials that they’re prepared to defend themselves against criminals.

When that happens, they’ll have assured themselves of a steady, permanent police presence in Southeast D.C.
Iwould only add that they should lobby their very anti-gun city council to work to remove the absolute prohibition and handguns in the district.

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  WV now has a West Virginia Citzens Defense League
Good news from Jim Snyder of the VCDL...

The West Virginia Citizens Defense League held its first
organizational meeting on Saturday, January 27, 2007, near Morgantown,
West Virginia. Details are available online at www.wvcdl.org

Jim Mullins, President of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League,

I wanted to inform you of this meeting because, like the VCDL, the
WVCDL intends to be a state-level Second Amendment advocacy
organization that will seek to protect and, where necessary,
restore the rights of law-abiding West Virginia gun owners. I
admire the work of VCDL and hope that we will be able to work
together on issues of mutual concern when they arise.

Although anti-gun legislation rarely, if ever, makes progress in
our Legislature (one notable exception was the passage of a State
Capitol carry ban in 2002, whose repeal we intend to seek), there
are many areas where West Virginia laws need to be improved.

In addition to crafting pro-gun legislation, WVCDL will seek to
generate the necessary public pressure on individual legislators
and the legislative leadership to force committee action on pro-gun
bills. In preparation for forming WVCDL, I met individually with
about one-third of the members of our state Senate and the Speaker,
majority leader, and minority leader of our House of Delegates to
introduce myself and the WVCDL.

Our real work now lies ahead in spreading the word of our existence
and building the membership base necessary to promote our
legislative efforts. We would appreciate any assistance you may be
able to provide. We wish you the best of luck with your efforts
and we are willing to assist you when and where we can.


Jim Mullins, President
West Virginia Citizens Defense League

If you have any friends or family members in WV, let them know about
WVCDL and how to contact them.

We certainly hope WVCDL succeeds in improving WV's gun laws.

* * * * *

I would like to add that WVCDL might be just as important to those of us living in western Virginia who visit the Mountain State regularly to see family, for business, or for recreation. I think I'll make a donation to them ASAP.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007
  World's oldest new mom lied to clinic
Doesnt that just say it all?

World's oldest new mom lied to clinic
LONDON - A 67-year-old woman who is believed to be the world's oldest new mother told a British Sunday newspaper she lied to a U.S. fertility clinic — saying she was 55 — to get treatment.

Carmela Bousada said in her first interview since she gave birth to twin boys on Dec. 29 that she sold her house in Spain to raise $59,000 to pay for in vitro fertilization at a California clinic, The News of the World reported.

"I think everyone should become a mother at the right time for them," Bousada said in a video of the interview provided to Associated Press Television News.

"Often circumstances put you between a rock and a hard place and maybe things shouldn't have been done in the way they were done but that was the only way to achieve the thing I had always dreamed of and I did it," she said.

Bousada turned 67 this month but said she told the Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles she was 55 — the clinic's cut off for treating single women, the report said. She said the clinic did not ask her for identification.

Dr. Vicken Sahakian, the clinic's medical director, confirmed late Saturday that he treated Bousada, but said clinic procedures would have required her to provide her passport.

"I did not know that she was 66," Sahakian told The Associated Press, declining to comment on her case further. "We do check identity."

Bousada now hopes to find a younger husband to help raise her two sons, Pau and Christian, the newspaper said.

The retired department store employee lived with her elderly mother for her entire life in Cadiz, in southern Spain. She hatched her plan to have children after her mother died, at an unspecified age, in 2005, the newspaper said.

She kept her plan secret from her family and when she finally told them she was two months pregnant, they thought she was joking.

"Yes, I am old of course, but if I live as long as my mom did, imagine, I could even have grandchildren," she said in the video.

She was hospitalized during her pregnancy after she collapsed in a supermarket, but said her health has been good since she delivered.

"When the doctors said they had to make an incision for the Caesarean, I told them, 'Make it really low so that I can still wear a bikini,'" Bousada was quoted as saying.

The twins, who were born seven weeks premature, remained in hospital for three weeks, but are now healthy and at home with Bousada, the report said.

Romanian citizen Adriana Iliescu gave birth to baby Eliza Maria in January 2005, also at the age of 66. Bousada was 130 days older than Iliescu when she gave birth.

Whether it is in the US or Europe this is a nation of me-firsters. What sort of mother can an aging woman be to young children. Didn't she think of THEM? Selfishness in the extreme. Of course, lying to the clinic was nothing to her. Good example for children, too. I guess they will have it all.


  War Protests are just Deja Vu
All the usual suspects were there, all the usual rhetoric spoken, all the usual poor souls exploited, and all the usual idiocy laid bare for the world to see. Sadly, all the usual enemies are taking this, as is usual, as a sign of weakness. These folks do more to kill Americans than to help but they can't see that, or won't. Hanoi Jane again? Give me a break...

But now we've got our favorite New Orleans boater (and shotgunner), Saddam apologist and sometimes actor, the former Mr. Madonna, Sean Penn helping out. What a treat. This mental giant seems to need this to get any kind of publicity, but more than likely actually believes this trash. Is that an admiring look he's casting towards Hanoi Jane?


Saturday, January 20, 2007
  China in Space
China tries to reassure the world on space missile 'aimed at peace' might surprise some. You see China is in space. They can send orbiting objects up and destroy orbiting objects already there. Things like satellites that carry TV, telephone and radio transmissions, look at weather, spy on other countries or give global positioning info to seafarers and weapons systems. China is saying something and it has nothing to do with "peace". Make no mistake, after radical islamists, China is our next biggest threat. She may already be destroying our economy by way of sucking up resources/commodities like copper, lead, iron, oil and cement. If her billions are going to live like our 300 million they will be using resources at an unprecedented rate and are already polluting more than the US ever did (where or where are you Al Gore).
  Congress and the War
Well, since my last post there's been a big to-do over the President's plan to "surge" more troops into Iraq and help the Iraqis take and hold portions of the worst areas of the country. Those that were for it before the POTUS was are now against it. I take it this is solely because the POTUS is for it. There are Republicans trying to hide their party affiliation through association with the quislings (aka Dem/S). There are a lot of liars.

The truth is still the same. We are in Iraq. Iran is in Iraq. AlQueda is in Iraq. Those radical Muslims want to destroy us and think that Iraq is the place to do it. They have gone there to do that. We can kill them there or we can kill them here where they can kill us, too. Better to kill them there. Given the chance they will kill us. All of us. Not just soldiers, not just Republicans, not just G. W. Bush, not just Jews, not just homosexuals and the sexually promiscuous (aka Hollywood). Heck, they'll kill all of their own to have a chance to kill us for the glory of Allah. For sure they will kill all the Sunni Muslims (if they are Shia) or all the Shia if they are Sunni. Death is wonderful to them. I say give them what they want. Kill them. Preserve this country, the single best country in the whole world.

But my opinion is no where near to the opinion held by most in Congress. Their opinion is that the attacks on this country by radical Muslims is an opportunity to enlarge/extend/expand their personal power. They seek only after self-promotion. Pitiful. Worst among these however, are those who would allow this nation, the USofA to be destroyed in their pursuit of their personal agenda. Most, not all, are Dem/S.

The Dem/S made a "big move" this past week. Along with some Republicans they held a vote on a non-binding resolution against the POTUS plan for Iraq. Great joy was expressed that they won. Very few if any tears were shed that while they won our country is losing. These fools will kill us all.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Your Vocabulary Score: A

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!

You must be quite an erudite person.

How's Your Vocabulary?
Monday, January 15, 2007
  Martin Luther King and Hobie
I know nobody much cares but I remember the day that Martin Luther King was killed. I was 12, I had a fever of 104 degrees and I attended my confirmation service. My Godmother came all the way from Wilmington, DE and was there when we got home at about 11 PM to see the news on TV. It kind of hit us all in the gut. I may no longer be an Episcopalian but I still try to live up to his expression of Christ's ideal, to judge a person by the content of their character.
Saturday, January 13, 2007
  Bush's New Plan for Iraq
Finally, they are going to go in and clear out the sons-of-guns and then STAY to make sure they can't come back. The cockroaches will do so if you don't keep killing everyone that tries to come back.

However, we're only going to do this if the Maliki government commits to killing his power base the Mahdi Army headed by a certain meglomaniacal Immam in Sadr City. I wonder.

Still, I'm supporting this, not because it might get us out of Iraq or because we can leave with "honor" but because it is a way to kill and be victorious over them that wants to kill us. That is what the whole thing is about. If you don't like the bald truth go back to putting your head in the sand and let the Islamofacists get you from behind.


  Speaker Pelosi and the Culture of Corruption
Takes one to know one I've heard. Pelosi was telling all of us that the Republicans were the source of the "culture of corruption" in Washington, D.C. prior to the last election. She promised to remove it and this fooled some people. Now she's in and speaker of the house and the Dem/S have used her to forward their culture of corruption. The latest is to mandate a minimum wage increase for everyone in the country EXCEPT Dole in American Samoa so that Dole (headquartered in her district) can increase their profits. The only question is what is she getting out of it. There is now a hunt for the money (you know she's got money from this somehow). Remember it isn't the facts of the case but the seriousness of the charge that warrant an investigation.


  Israel Planning Tactical Nuclear Strike on Iran
If you read, listen or watch the news you've likely heard of this. It is already out of the news cycle but while a matter of interest to the mass media it was presented mostly in one of two ways. The first was astonishment. The reporter couldn't believe that Israel had the cojones to try this. The other was of derision. The reporter was certain that this was how Israel was going to start a nuclear holocaust.

Well, forgive me all to heck and back. Iran is the nation that wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and is very obviously creating nuclear weapons and delivery systems to do just that. Should we expect Israel to sit back and wait for annihilation? Do we think that Iran will stop with Israel?

I do not want a world dominated by Islamic religious dictators for my children and grand-children. I'm pulling for Israel.
Friday, January 12, 2007
  New Title for the Democrats
Demoncrats seems crude and offensive. I'd prefer something accurate and descriptive. Because of this, and to write something immediately identifiable and easily pronounced I'm going to go with Dem/S in this blog. Pronounced "dems" this is short for Democrat/Socialists. That's what they are and they are proving it now.
  Morons in Congress - Those are MY Medals!
Well, there's a lot of this going around.

Congress passed and it was signed into law that US issue medals cannot be transfered. The concern was that frauds were being committed with legaly and illegaly acquired US Military decorations/medals. Unfortunately, now I can't pass my medals on to my family and collectors are being arrested by the FBI (jeez, can't they go after the TERRORISTS!) on felony charges of illegal transfers of these medals. I hope they won't be haunting the yard sales.... I can see it now, little widow woman has a yard sale with her late husband's uniforms, medals/ribbons attached, and the FBI comes a callin'. Can you say abuse of power?
Thursday, January 11, 2007
  President's Plan for Iraq
I'm behind the President. He's right on this. Why?

1. He's requiring the Iraqis to provide 1/2 the troops needed for the push.
2. He's requiring the Iraqis to effectively abandon their tribal loyalties for loyalty to the nation of Iraq.
3. He's targeting troop strength on the problem areas.
4. He's going for victory.

Why do the Democrat/Socialists oppose?

1. He's going for victory.
2. They hate Bush.

The Dem/S don't have a plan they (and some Republicans) are saying that this will only provide more "targets" for the insurgents. How ridiculous is that? Using their logic Clinton should have moved to reduce the number of policemen by 100,000 rather than increase their numbers to fight crime.

We need to be victorious. Anything short of victory will result in the destruction of the USofA and the subjugation of our people. Our children and grandchildren will live in fear, in hunger, and in poverty if we lose. The President clearly sees the problem and has a solution. Now the execution of the plan is where we will have success or not.
Saturday, January 06, 2007
  New Home with Comcast
I hope my two readers have found me here... We're now at Comcast.
Thursday, January 04, 2007
  I'm Just Ticked Off...
I've not been posting/writing about the war in Iraq or the Democrat "take-over" of Congress because I was trying to avoid some sort of over-the-top like the post just previous to this. Why? Because the biggest thing I see is the overwhelming ignorance and irrationality exhibited by all parties. To me, this is the major thread of connectivity between all subjects which are connected other ways (despite what some parties seem to believe). Of course this view presumes that the various parties are truthfully portraying their views not lying simply to support an agenda of acquiring personal power.

First, there are a number of folks who don't want to bump up soldier numbers in Iraq (presumably these will be all tooth and no tail, IOW combat troops) because that will be escalating the violence. Huh? So you sit there and let the other side escalate violence and let your soldiers die without responding? How does that help anything? You get hit you have to hit back sometimes, and harder than the other guy, to put a stop to it.

The Speaker of the House (aka the most powerful woman in the world or is that country?) has a 100 hour program to make good on campaign promises. Among those promises (apparently, we heard nothing of this radical program from the Dems during the campaign) was raising the minimum wage (guess I'll have to get a raise in my salary or I'll be making less per hour than a burger flipper), increasing drug subsidization for the old folks (of which my mother is one), to break the link between legislators and lobbyists (including, apparently, private citizens like me and this blog), she wants to cut the interest rate on student loans in half, broaden the stem cell research, and "pay as you go" after that.

I say, how about letting me help my mother with her drug costs (if she needs help) rather than making me help EVERY senior citizen? No, we need to help everyone (not just those who NEED help). There goes "pay as you go".

I might lose my job over the minimum wage increase. I certainly won't take LESS than an entry level burger flipper for my expertise. So there goes the disposable income for this retired soldier.

One of the big "breaks between lobbyists and legislators" will be to suppress the bloggers, mostly conservatives (most EFFECTIVELY conservatives) by requiring that paperwork be done explaining funding...

Then there are the students and the reduction of student loan interest rates. It isn't as though they are paying the loans back. Maybe if there was some teeth in the collection process this would balance out. However, there doesn't seem to be any of that. No way. After all, they can always get more money from me to pay for some other kid's education. Heck, this old soldier and his school teacher wife already paid for 3 college educations.

I simply fail to see how broadening stem cell research will do anything substantive. Only adult stem cells are proving to be of any use and the benefits are underwhelming. It doesn't make sense to throw more tax money at unproductive research.

All of this goes directly to "pay as you go" (something for which the Dems aren't known). It ain't going to happen without raising taxes and the Speaker knows this as she plans on ending the "Bush" (people's) tax cuts. Well, she says she only raise the taxes on the "rich". Thing is my wife the elementary school teacher and I (retired soldier with a part time job) are counted as rich. How's that again? You'd have to go back to 1970 to figure our combined income as "rich" and even then it would be more like upper middle class. Of course, losing my part time job won't drop me out of the category of "rich". Let's just ignore the fact that lower taxes have resulted in a rompin'-stompin' economy in the middle of a war for our lives.

Oh, yeah, the war is nothing. Not a word, not a sound if, and only if, you don't count the demands of the ultra-radical socialists who believe they are the democratic base. Here we are engaged in a world-wide conflict with those who would destroy our country (including the Speaker and her grand-children) and not a word.

Sounds stupid if you look at it logically. But wait there's more.

The speaker tried to choose committee chairs who epitomized corruption. She passed over the most qualified Dem for the chair of the House Intelligence Committee because she WANTED a partisan advocate AGAINST the President rather than FOR the USofA! This is one I just can't get over.

The speaker then declares she's the most powerful woman (where is debatable) and has thrown herself a big old celebration (like an inaugural ball).

Ok, we're still in the illogical but guess what, if you look at it as all self-promotional lying, cheating and a continuation of the Dem culture of corruption it makes sense. It is all about power, that's it. Who cares if the US goes tits up? Not the speaker. Hell, she's only got another 15-20 years anyway. Not like my grandkids...

All that said it may be that not a thing will get to the President's desk as it still has to go through the Senate. Those good old boys are effectively tied and that means nothing happens despite all the rhetoric.

So why get all steamed up? Because the Dems are playing the to radicals. The rest of us knowing that they are generally self-serving liars expect nothing now that they are in office. I wish they would at least be honest, you know, make an effort to make government logical.
Wednesday, January 03, 2007
  Pelosi is Reported as Wanting To Silence Bloggers
My response was uttered a couple of hundred years ago...

Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have?

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!

I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!!!

Patrick Henry
March 23, 1775
Polemics? Think what you will...

Patrick Henry put his life on the line. He was later Governor of Virginia (as was Thomas Jefferson).


  Blog Address May Change Soon
Due to Comcast's purchase/takeover of Adelphia's assets (at least locally) I will eventually have to change the address for the blog. Please watch for posts of the correct new address.


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