title>Lady Liberty Defended: Thoughts on Liberty and its Opponents- the Elite Nanny-State Gang
Lady Liberty Defended
Wednesday, December 05, 2007
  Thoughts on Liberty and its Opponents- the Elite Nanny-State Gang
by Gregory K. Taggart

The question has been posed: "What has happened in America, that items and activities once considered innocuous, normal and reasonable have become illicit, bad, proscribed, decried and vilified".

The Fabian Socialist "Nanny-State" mob, the "Eastern Elite" has permeated our political and popular culture. These elites who are afraid of those of those of us who were born west of the Shenandoah, South of the Mason Dixon line , in the intermountain West, the Old Northwest, the Southwest, but east of the Sierras. This is sometimes referred to as "The Red Zone", except for Cook County, Illinois.

These elites have been groomed from childhood to think they are better than us, smarter than us, more compassionate than us, and it is their destiny to rule over us, not meanly, but compassionately so we don't injure ourselves or others or the planet. They want to Europeanize us. They want to protect us, like a warm and friendly nurse or nanny looks after and cares for a small child that does not know any better.

Small children should not handle sharp objects or firearms, and in the worldview of this elite, those of us who comprise the great unwashed always remain "small children", who need them, the compassionate and wise platonic " Philosopher-King class" to protect us from ourselves, to arrange for our doctors, to make sure that we are not overstressed, to provide for our wants. The only "wants" they refuse to provide for is when I "want" to be left alone and when I "want" to keep them from digging in my back pocket.

Small children need no arms, as the loving parent will provide for their protection. So these are the same folks who don't want me to carry a handgun around, even though they have no problem with Officer Friendly carrying one. He is, after all, approved, sanctioned and empowered as an agent of the state to be armed for the protection of "the children."

These people will wrap us in a cotton-gauze cocoon of warmth and security, at the cost of merely our liberty. If you object, the nanny-class will be wrathful, and call you names such as "primitive", "ignorant", "immature", "xenophobic", "racist", "religious fanatic" or ( this is the best yet) "cowboy". If you really object, they will crush you.

"Zero-tolerance" rules merely mean that administrators are not required, ever, to make moral judgments, based on the intent of the actor - "did you bring the Ruger to shop class to make a holster or shoot up the school"? Making moral judgments exposes bureaucrats to possibly being wrong, as well as forcing official acknowledgement that there is a moral component to almost every decision of significance. This unsettles the nanny-state crowd, as they have already decided the moral issues; they are against mere underlings exercising their own judgment.

The chief end of the elite is to aggrandize themselves and their personal power, all the while being able to feel morally superior (I do this for their own good) over the rest of us, and the secondary end is to eliminate conflict. One way to eliminate conflict is, of course, to ensure that victims are not armed, which is why the nanny-state bunch want you to hand in your guns ( remember Senator Dianne Feinstein of California who commented after the passage of the 1995 Assault Weapons Ban : "If I could have gotten 51 votes to ban them, I would have... Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in..."

This is the same Diane Feinstein who famously turned a Smith & Wesson 5 shot revolver over to the San Francisco Police during gun buy-back photo-op, to demonstrate her commitment to "making the world safe by removing handguns from the street." It was only sometime later that it was disclosed that Senator Feinstein had ANOTHER 5 shot revolver which she carried, using an almost impossible to get California handgun carry license. She, of course, is important. You and yours are not to be trusted with such items. She is wise, and good, and valuable and is "part of the solution", a nanny. You are a brutish, unwashed, primitive person who might use your access to a handgun to hurt some poor miscreant, and we cannot have that, now, can we?

Ann Coulter has commented that modern elite culture seeks to emasculate and feminize the masses of the unwashed, namely you and me, because the nanny-State has no need of men (or strong independent pioneer -spirit women).

The nanny-state crowd cannot stand being ridiculed, so their stupidity and pomposity and hubris should be exposed at every turn.

To defeat the nannies:

1) Remember that the Declaration of Independence says "...PURSUIT of Happiness". No one, not Government, not a corporation, can GUARANTEE anyone happiness, as that is a state of mind, and cannot be mandated or ensured.

2) Fight them at the ballot box. If a politician comes forward and says "I will expand this program to help YOU, if you will vote for me", he is a Nanny- State person. Crush him.

3) Acknowledge loudly and publicly that there is no free lunch. When a politician suggests he will oppress and deprive someone else to benefit YOU, he is a Nanny-State guy. Crush him.

4) Insist that REAL American culture be taught.

America is founded on the ideals of "work for what you get", "treat everyone you deal with fairly, because it is right so to do ", "whining is off limits" and "government exists to build roads, catch and punish criminals and defend the borders" and its corollary ideals "government is NOT the tooth fairy and does NOT exist to provide people with stuff, no matter how much they need it" and "the purpose of government is NOT to take charge and divide the pie fairly". Another concept is "free speech " ( real speech not a porno video) frequently annoys or offends SOMEONE. The proper response to offensive free speech is the REBUTTAL, not the cry to the nanny of "that speech offends me, tell them to be quiet".

5) Remember that Liberty costs in terms of sweat, treasure, and blood. Both Al-Qaeda and the Nannies pose a threat.

6) Remember on a daily basis what the wolf said to the dog in the Aesop's Fable: "better thin freedom than fat slavery".

Finally and most important- Expose the Nannies to ridicule. Most of what they propose is patently ridiculous. Most of what they propose flies totally in the face of all human experience and what we know about the behavior of people and governments (such as "let's outlaw guns so criminals wont have guns" or common sense, such as their suggestion that " the "people" referred to in the Second Amendment are not the same individual "people " referred to in the First, Fourth, Ninth and Tenth amendments). Public outcry makes the nannies retreat.

That is how they are defeated.

Reprinted with permission of the author.


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