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Lady Liberty Defended
Wednesday, May 31, 2006
  They're ALL Crooks or Throw da Bums Out!
Well, not quite. One might think from my previous post that I might be one of those who sees every elected representative as a crook. That isn't at all true. That's not to say that I'm not aware of what they're doing and suspicious when things don't add up. I'm also aware that most folks can be tempted and some, many even, will fall to temptation if it is strong enough.

A lot of things tempt people. Ego is a strong thing and folks just naturally want to think that they are important. Power makes people feel important. Money comes with power and, of course, has its own attractions. Some of the folks our society now elevates to representation just don't have the character we'd really like them to have but being ambitious they become adept at concealing their personality flaws. And of course you have some folks, the Kennedys are an excellent example, who have money and connections and just assume that they'll be able to move ahead in the political arena (if that is their desire). They've been privileged so long they've become arrogant and certainly they have no real understanding of everyday problems which "common" people have.

However, there are still some who more closely fit the original concept of public servant AND they are indeed seeking to do right by their constituents. When we have so little faith in our system that we think that every person we elect (you do vote, don't you?) is a crook then what's the point. Might as well do what citizens in every other country do, they view the government as an enemy to be ignored or bypassed at every opportunity. That ain't right and it don't work.
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
  Culture of Corruption? Privilege? Hypocrisy?
Congressman Alan Mollohan, Democrat representing West Virginia's First Congressional district.

- West Virginia Democrat is Scrutinized: Mollohan Has Close Ties to Groups Handling His District's Appropriations
- Congresspedia
- National Legal and Policy Center
- Muckraker.com
- Outside the Beltway

Congressman William Jefferson, Democrat representing Louisiana's Second Congressional district.

- Documents Allege Rep. Jefferson Caught on Tape Taking Bribe
- Congressman Caught on Tape, Documents Say

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat representing Massachusetts

- Chappaquiddick as if you didn't think I'd bring this up!
- Edward M. Kennedy: "Chappaquiddick" you can hear him lie just like I remember him doing when I was 14.

Representative Patrick J. Kennedy, Democrat representing Rhode Island's First Congressional District

- Car crash good thing there was no water, apparently there was a dame...

Representative Cynthia McKinney, Democrat representing Georgia's 4th Congressional District

- Scuffles with Capitol Police
- Jews did it
- McKinney on Terrorist Warnings

Senator Robert C. Byrd, Democrat representing West Virginia

- KKK about as fair as it gets. But amazing to me that the zero tolerance Dems give him a free ride...

I'll be updating this as we go with changing post dates...


  Constitutional Crisis - Maybe But for a Different Reason than is Being Promoted
You may have read or heard of the raid on Congressman Jefferson's (Dem, LA) office in the Sam Rayburn building. Much has been said by several Congressmen of both parties about how this violates the Constitution. The passage to which they refer,

The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.
-- US Constitution, Article I, Section 6

doesn't mention their offices nor does it exempt them from anything. The crime under investigation is a felony, the search (under warrant) didn't stop Congressman Jefferson from attending any votes or debates and the search was not conducted in the Capitol building. As I understand it, the House of Representatives wasn't even in session!

It seems to me that the most vocal opponents are those congressmen (and women) who might just have committed like crimes. They perhaps thought they had a sanctuary for their records of their crimes. Perhaps not, perhaps worse than mere legal maneuvering, these people think they are a cut above other citizens. Now THAT is scary. That these people think that by virtue of their ELECTED position they are privileged in comparison to the other citizens of this country beyond what is permitted in the Constitution.

By the way, if you don't understand why these limited protections are provided it is so that our representatives can't be stopped from voting or speaking/influencing votes in either the Senate or House of Representatives for minor offenses but they aren't exempt from charges that demonstrate their disregard for the country! Now doesn't Mr. Jefferson's accepting of bribes from a foreign national to promote his view in the House meet that standard?

So, it seems to me that the "constitutional crisis" is whether or not our elected representatives will be able to sell our government unimpeded.
  Simon Kenton - One of those truly heroic Americans
History is an abiding passion of mine. Love it. A recent discussion on the American Longrifles forum caused me to research the following books on Simon Kenton.

- Simon Kenton: His Life and Period, 1755-1836 (The First American Frontier) (Hardcover) by Edna Kenton
- Simon Kenton: Kentucky Scout (Paperback) by Thomas Dionysius Clark, Edward Shenton
- Frontier hero: Simon Kenton (Unknown Binding) by Shannon Garst
- Simon Kenton: The Great Frontiersman (Paperback) by Ray Crain
- Simon Kenton, the scout (Unknown Binding) by Jane Corby
- The violent years;: Simon Kenton and the Ohio-Kentucky frontier (Unknown Binding) by Patricia Jahns

There are several titles out of print which may or may not have been referenced in later works.
  ..."danger which could bring the end of civilisation."
Gore in Hay climate change plea (BBC News) is saying that climate change could bring the end of civilization. He's right. Just as when I say it is going to rain. Sooner or later it will rain. Sooner or, probably, later so will climate change as it likely has in the past it will affect all that we humans do here. Well, he's not exactly right. It will likely change civilization as we know it and in unpredictable ways. That we might all be destroyed by climate change or that we can affect climate change rates or cycles is unproven but likely untrue except to most minor degree. Just too many other variables over which we have no control such as the sun's temperature, Earth's pattern of axis tipping or orbits of the Sun.

So, what is this all about. It is really about Al Gore. He wants the limelight, power, self-actualization and doesn't care at whose expense he achieves that/those goals.
  Pace: Don't Prejudge Marine Action in Haditha, Iraq
Pace: Don't Prejudge Marine Action in Haditha, Iraq from FNC. Seems like good advice to me but of course the left wing won't do that. Murtha (it no longer seems right to address this man as Congressman or Colonel) has already judged (which he shouldn't have done in a command position) these Marines. Of course we should prosecute wrong doing but what wrong doing?

I find it difficult to believe that the incident was NOT connected to a combat action. As I said before you simply can't train people to do this sort of work, i.e. using deadly force to enforce their will, and not have the occassional misuse or mis-application of that force. It is even harder to control the natural impulses in the midst of combat. I suppose we'll see as the military's investigation(s) continue...
Monday, May 29, 2006
  Memorial Day
In 1942, my father's first cousin Gano H. "Sonny" Jewell was attending Cornell in the pre-med program. However, he felt he wasn't doing enough for the war effort. So, even though he was an only son, he quit school and enlisted in the Army. They made him a medic and assigned him to the HHC 2-116th Infantry, 29th Div. and Sonny participated in the D-Day landing on Omaha beach and the drive in-land. He was killed August 7, 1944 at Vire, France while caring for wounded (he himself was wounded on August 6th) in the 2d BN aid station.

Two acquaintances of mine were killed August 7th, 2004 in Afghanistan. SGT Bobby E. Beasley and SSG Craig W. Cherry had served together for several years in the 3d Battalion 116th Infantry and were close friends. At the armory on departure day they were taking some final photos with friends and family when Cherry's wife said she wanted a photo of the two of them together. As they stood with their arms on each others' shoulders, Bobby told Craig, "I'm afraid I might not come back." Craig said, "I won't leave you there by yourself." They died together in the same IED explosion.

When I was the Readiness NCO for Company A 3d Battalion 116th Infantry I had one PFC John Robert Teal as a Platoon radio operator. A Virginia Military Institute cadet, PFC Teal was a good radio op and an interesting person with whom to have a conversation. He even designed the company T-shirt which we sold for both espirit and to raise funds for the family support group. On October 23, 2003 Army CPT John R. Teal was killed by an IED in Iraq. His convoy was on a humanitarian mission, attempting to help a sick Iraqi girl.

Of course, the 116th Infantry Regiment served in WWI and WWII as well as every other conflict since formation of the Augusta County Regiment in 1742. While many of those serving in this regiment were neighbors and friends it is particularly true that during the world wars many others from all across the country were assigned to the Regiment.

My family has had many who served including CPT George Richtmier in the Revolution, PVT Henry Parslow and his son 1LT Alonzo Barney Parslow in the American Civil War, SGT Donald F. Parslow in WWII and Korean war.
Saturday, May 27, 2006
  Are you looking for something?
If you are I'd suggest: A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  Lost - Can a TV Show Teach us Anything?
By now, if you've read anything I've written, you can tell that I've got lots of questions. Questions about the veracity and intelligence of elected representatives or public officials, questions about everything. Well I have a question about the TV show Lost. Phenomenon might be too strong a word. Certainly the network's rather stupid scheduling of endlessly repeating reruns of certain episodes has worked against rather than for the show. I mean, I get it, let's move on. Even my wife is a "fan", so much so that the children saw the writing on the wall and gave her the first season on DVD. Not quite so much a fan though that she has yet to open the package! I have to admit that it is one of the more intriguing of the fictional shows on television, most of which I can't stand to watch as the characters make endless goofs in the name of "drama". But, it has sparked a plethora of related web sites covering every aspect of the show.

If you want to catch up on the show or learn all the ins and outs there is one site that I can recommend and that is Lostpedia. Like the predecessor Wikpedia, Lostpedia is a compilation of all knowledge of all things Lost related.

As a viewer the show has progressed for me from a weak entry in the Lord of the Flies clones, to a possible depiction of a mass consignment to purgatory, to a mystery of sorts, with many twists and turns and tremendous drama/excitement that comes at other than the formulaic time. So what's my question? Well, is this simple entertainment? Is it more? Does it explore the human condition? Intentionally or accidentally?

One of the great attractions of the show is to follow the supposedly coincidental links between each of the characters and the island on which they are apparently stranded. There are the recurring numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42), the sometimes transitory and sometimes influential unknowing interactions between the various characters BEFORE the plane crash on the island. There are the island mysteries like the wrecked sailing ship "Black Rock" high on dry land, the Colossus of Rhodes like four-toed statuary foot, fake advertising (?) for the Hanso Foundation, and the "others" (with names like Ms. Klugh). Apparently this has been enough to draw in a wide range of hard-core fans.

So, at least some think that a TV show with a fictional story can teach us something. What do you think? Perhaps the answer is that we are so in need of answers we'll look anywhere.
  Can't Say You're an "American" ?
Keep 'America' in Michigan schools please. What the heck is going on? Michigan says that the words "America" and "American" are unacceptable? Of course, the idiots promoting this are "educators".

My wife is a teacher, there are other teachers in my family, but I have a growing distrust and dislike for teachers/educators and their associated organizations such as the National Education Association (NEA) which is really nothing more than a front for international socialists.
  Jimmy Hoffa
The search for Hoffa's remains at Michigan farm continues. So why is this important? I think it is important because Jimmy Hoffa was once one of the most influential people in the US and he was clearly a crook and if not a mobster himself so closely tied to the mob that the unions were nothing more than a sub-set of the mob. His disappearance and presumed murder were the source of many conversations and jokes during my lifetime. I also think it shows that we won't rest in finding the truth, at least about some things. A lesson in perserverance if you will, perhaps they'll be able to re-aquaint a new generation with the corruption of the mob on the unions.

If you are so young that you either have no memory of or doubt that Jimmy Hoffa has become some sort of icon of the disappeared mobster you should read all you can about this man and how he used the Teamsters to his (?) own ends. Court TV, Cover-ups, The Smoking Gun and a memorial page are all available on line.
Friday, May 26, 2006
  Marine Killings Probe
Pentagon Wrapping Up Marine Killings Probe is the FNC report on this sad chapter in USMC history. I suppose that this will happen. You simply can't train Marines or soldiers for years, send them to where they will be attacked and then expect that none of them will ever be overly willing to kill those who they believe to have killed or aided in killing their friends. That is pie in the sky. You also have to reiterate the rules of land warfare in every training scenario, at all NCO and Officer schools. You have to hold the leadership responsible and make it clear that you'll do so by example. But it is a fine line. You also have to acknowledge that sometimes this enemy, especially this enemy, will use human shields deliberately exposing civilians to our fire. You can't hold our soldiers and Marines responsible for that.
  Videotaping Rapists/Murderers Surrender
FBI: Grisly Videotape Murder Couple Caught With 5-Year-Old Child is the FNC title to this horrifying story. I'm sorry, but wasn't this fella already convicted of kidnapping and rape? Why was he ever released?
  Immigration or Invasion...
Well, I'm sitting here at "work" listening to Mr. Rush Limbaugh talk about the Senate "immigration" bill. More like a unilateral surrender bill, this thing will allow illegal aliens more privileges that US citizens can't and won't have. Seems to me that the quislings have a majority in the Senate. This brings to mind some questions...

Do the senators not have any idea how AMERICANS (which they obviously must not themselves be) feel about immigration and illegal aliens (two different subjects for you illiterate fools, aka senators)?

Are US Citizens less than the illegals and, since the answer is obviously yes, why?

Why is it that the House of Representatives understands how we, US citizens, actually want the government to act and the President (POTUS) and Senate can be so completely unaware?

Why do so many Democrats want these people who commit identity theft, have snuck into this country, and take jobs from the unskilled citizens of this country?

Why do these folks propagate this lie "they will do work Americans won't do?"

Perhaps a third major party IS needed now. Then we could vote all these fools out and get our country back.

Look fellas, 12 MILLION illegals isn't immigration it is INVASION. You wouldn't let Mexico send 1,000 soldiers across the border. Or would you? This is what we want:
- Cut off the reason to cross the border by prosecuting employers who hire illegals.
- MAKE the various government agencies work to ID illegals.
- Deport those illegals you find. This includes those who've deliberately overstayed VISAs.
- CLOSE the borders to illegals. Use the military in their land defense mission, i.e. patrolling the border as it is legal for them to do.
- Prosecute those who smuggle people into the country don't send them back as just another illegal.
  My New Blog
This is to announce my new Political blog. I hope to cut through the crap that so many seem intent on using to obfuscate and confuse in their attack on our country.
For us, the American ideal is personified in the concept of self-reliance, work ethic, honesty/forthrightness, decency, personal property rights, family, religion, an ability to defend oneself from criminals and crooked politicians, and personal responsibility.

Whoop-ti-do, the forum for the rest of us...

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